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Day 6 - Woman Basque Event
Today the chess-tournament introduced the ”Basque” system to the 2013 World Mindgames. Its played like regular chess, but with the opponent playing 2 games simultaneously! That created a lot of tense an interesting situations, especially when both players where in timetrouble, on both boards! Its a unique feature of mindgames, thats its actually possible to play more than 1 match at the same time, in football obviously such would be impossible. The premiere day at the 2013 World Mindgames went excellent, and both online spectators and TV-viewers saw excellent action. But apart from just being entertaining, also medals where at stake, and the players went to the new and different challenge with great spirits. But despite that lots had changed, somethinsg remained the same, and Hou Yifan, the 19 years old Womens world Champion, and 2013 World Mindgames gold medalist in blitz, got of to an excellent start by beating former World Champion Antonetta Stefanova of Bulgaria by 2-0.


Here Stefanova was already in big trouble on the other board, but with her last move 18...d5!? it looks like the Bulgarian fights back strongly in the centre, but she was in for a surprise:
19 Bxh6!! A splendid piece-sacrifice by Hou! If Stefanove accepts it with 19...gxh6 then after 20 Qxh6 white breaks through to the black king, so she tried: 19...exd4!? But only to be met with 20 e5! When blacks position becomes instantly critical. 20...Ne4 21 Nh5 Bxh3!? An interesting situation. White sacrificed on h6 with a bishop, and black now copies excactly that concept against the h3-pawn! But the World Champion do have a defence. 22 Bxe4! Qg4 23 Ng3! And like this Hou kept an extra piece, and won on both boards for the score of 2-0.
While in the rapid and blitz Hou was challenged by the Russians, this time its her compratiots. After day 1, having played 3 of 5 rounds, the top standings are:
1. Hou Yifan China 5. points
2. Ju Wenjun China 5. points
3. Zhao Xue China 4.5 points
However with 2 points at stake in every round nothing is at all decided in the Womens Basque event, and we expect a lot of excitement in tomorrow rounds, with the two leaders facing each other in round 4.
The longest game of the tournament was played between Ju Wenjun of China, and Viktorija Cmilyte of Lithuania. After 134(!) moves, and at 21.30 in the evening the following position was reached: 
The Lithuanian has defended bravely, but Wenjun finish the game in style with: 135 Rf8+!! Rxf8 136 g7+ Kg8 An interesting attempt would be 136...Kh7!? As after 137 gxf8 both promoting to a queen or a rook would be stalemate! But either a knight or a bishop wins for white. 137 Kg6! Taking the rook on f8, would lead to a draw, but now black cant defend against 138 mate, and thus resigned.
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